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CI Seating Design is a trusted supplier of all types of Seating and Accessories in the Midwest.

We are here to help you make the statement you want as well as providing a quality product that lasts for years to come. Old World standards go into each of our products accompanied by Modern Design and Tooling for today's look! Each project is custom, designed to your statement with only premium components used such as solid woods, plywood etc...and absolutely no particle board or MDF materials. AND... we use no imported materials!

We See The Need For Better Design

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Design is everything! We listen....and we care about how you furniture looks! We use state of the art technology in the finished piece. Creating what you want and making the statement you want to convey! Beginning with how we build it.


We care about your furniture. We design for today and build for the future! Old World practices are what make our chairs different. Mortice and tenon joinery with modern tooling gives us the ability to take your idea to the next level! We use no inferior by-products or imported materials and support Green Principles. Only locally grown wood and products are used to make each seat.


Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to replace your furnishings! Emotional attachment and quality craftsmanship of the past supersedes all reasoning. We will bring it back to its original beauty.  From minor issues to major restoration we can provide you with a quality fix based on whatever your budget allows! We have the necessary skill to bring it back to the original beauty with repair, refinishing or duplicating missing pieces.

Pulpit & Liturgical Furniture

Your facility only allows for the statement you want to make! Our design capabilities couples with Old World standards allow us to make your furniture to be what you want....your statement!

Hospitality Chairs

Old World practices make our chairs different! Mortice and tenon joinery as well accompanied with modern tooling gives us the ability to take your idea to the next level! Only locally grown wood and products are used to make each seat.

Church Chairs, Concert Hall Seats

Ergonomic designs as well as durability make our chairs the best selection. We can manufacture wood and steel frame chairs for Worship, Concert Halls, Classroom and Banquet settings.

Our Clients

Our customers are many, we design and manufacture seating and accessories for virtually any market. We work closely with Designers and Architects to attain the look you desire! Providing seating for Performing Arts Centers, Synagogues, Universities, Court Rooms, Lecture Halls, Libraries, Hospitality Areas, Health Care Facilities and Churches. In addition, we service what we sell as well as other brands.

Green Principles

We provide products & services that improve the health and comfort of the people we interact with, while continuing to respect the heritage of our forefathers who were cautious to adapt to technological changes. Therefore, we can maintain many of the principles and culture of the “green” environment.

Let's work together

If you have a creative project in mind, get in contact with CI today! When it comes to quality furniture, we are the first you should call. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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