We have the necessary skill to bring it back to the original beauty with repair, refinishing or duplicating missing pieces.

The Maltz Performing Arts Center

Our featured restoration project, The Maltz Performing Arts Center located in

Cleveland, Ohio, was done with Turner Construction and completed September of 2015. We were in initially to view the seating and give an opinion. Our opinion was to restore! But in the restoration process we would have to integrate new seats and new backs to make this work! Along with the need to completely refinish the beautifully carved ends and supports. Much time and many hours went into this project but in the end, we had a very satisfied customer.

The following pictures reflect before and after of the work at Maltz.

maltz exterior restoration project

Before Photos

After Photos

Whether for historical purposes or sentimental reasons, we can restore wood pieces with a history to a fresh look and feel!

Even using old ends and supports to accompany new seats and backs. Whatever your need is we will listen and explore the options that make the most sense.
We begin the process by a consultation to hear your vision and needs. Then we determine the quality of the wood and decide which components can be re-used. The process of restoration is different each project. The work can vary from a simple “scuff and refinish” to a more detailed process of complete stripping, sanding, and filling each void that has been created over time.

In the Maltz Project, we determined early on that the ends and supports were in excellent shape. However, the benches needed new theater style seats, wood backs, and cap rails. Each of those parts we manufactured. In the end, we produced a beautiful seating arrangement!

And, if it doesn’t make sound environmental or financial sense to restore, we tell you!

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We provide products & services that improve the health and comfort of the people we interact with, while continuing to respect the heritage of our forefathers who were cautious to adapt to technological changes. Therefore, we can maintain many of the principles and culture of the “green” environment.

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